Snoring – A CURE

Mike – my favourite person – use to snore occasionally. After his surf board broke his nose, the snoring got impressively louder. Sometimes I just wake up and watch him, wondering how that noise is even possible. I’ve got some techniques, elbow or kneecap in the side is a good quick fix or there is a spare room, so one of us usually goes through there – Mike if he’s beginning to get too many bruises or I just go through.

In all seriousness snoring isn’t fun for anyone – the snorer or the snorers partner. Mike was even considering an operation, but that seems so drastic, so I’m always keeping an eye out for snore cures.


This is the best so far. You need two things: ear plugs and nose vents.

I’ve tried a good few earplugs, so far these are my favourite:

I got these from Amazon for £9.77. They are really comfy even when sleeping on your side.

and I got a present for Mike – Antisnore nose vents from Amazon £8.99. Worth every penny. They work by expanding the nasal passages.



They come with 4 different sizes (haven’t included the 4th, as it was up Mike’s nose). This is my impression of Mike sleeping soundly with them in – you can just see the little join of the nose vents inbetween my nostrils. (Yes thats Mike’s teddy)

There is it. Happy sleeping. If any of you have tried other things that were successful please comment below!

I’m off to drink 10 cups of morning tea in celebration.