Rachel Sermanni

‘Gently’ was released in July 2016. Available for £2. We recorded this EP in the flat in Portobello. David Jack recorded and we used Ed, my new piano. It’s a little collection of softer songs that Rachel had written. It’s pretty good for before going to sleep or travelling on a train.

Mike Guest made this video from our gig at Eden Court on 5th October 2015. This is one of my favourite new Rachel songs from the new album Tied to the Moon ! 🙂

New album “Tied to the Moon” is OUT NOW, released 10th July 2015. See iTunes here for preview and download.


FREE DOWNLOAD of “Tractor” performed live on Iona http://noisetrade.com/rachelsermanni/tractor-live-on-iona

Rachel Sermanni – “Live in Dawson City” album was recorded by sound wizard, Jimi Troup. We didn’t know he was recording it, the wee sneak. It is one of my favourite trips with Rachel so I’m extra chuffed to have this memento of the Yukon. Some photos from the trip…..



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