photo by Louise Bichan

Recording the music for Projector Club’s project, “Turning Scotland Tartan

Playing the Roli Seaboard With Rachel Sermanni‘s – ‘Breath Easy’

Fara – Where’s Neil set

‘Where’s Neil’ – The first tune in this set is one I wrote for my good pal and talented fiddle player, Neil Ewart, the title is inspired by a question a lot of people ask, including myself. It is followed by ‘Up Da Stroods’ – Shetland Trad and ‘The Man Who Shot the Windmill’ – Phil Cunningham

‘Maxwell’s Light’

I was commissioned to write this piece celebrating the Scientist, James Clerk Maxwell for the CD ‘Music for Maxwell’. I really enjoyed learning more about the man himself and his accomplishments. I was asked to explore the abstract territory that Maxwell worked in – the territory of darkness and light and of abstract form.

‘Taintless Tide’  – A piece I wrote for Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet and piano, which we performed at the Distil showcase 2014. Film by Mike Guest. I wrote a blog about it here.


I composed this tune for Uncle Willie’s 60th- so of course Blue Tack Man had to play it.

Sketchbook idea- of music and moving image.

Here is a live performance of Rachel Sermanni‘s song Bones, recorded for BBC Radio ScotlandMike Guest took this sneaky video.

Distil Showcase 2013- I wrote a piece called Airing for McFall’s Chamber Quintet and piano to play. I added piano mainly so I could play in their band 😀 We performed it at the March Distil Showcase.

Mr McFall's and me

Program note:
Airing: to express an idea, an excursion in the open air or the act of supplying fresh air.
I like to think of this piece as a walk through a murky, gloomy forest and into a clearing. I Hope it gives you an airing too. Feel free to open your mouth and let out a yell. Get it out. Go on


Lumber Lions- commission by David Gray

Cora Bay

Rachel Sermanni Band

Jim Jam Ceilidh Band

Wildings- album in the making!


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