21 brilliant fiddlers perform 4 brand new pieces of music at Celtic Connections, conducted by Dave Milligan. Here is the LIVE video of the performance during January 2016. Hope you enjoy the video! The pieces are:

Disassembled by Jenn Austin
100 Days by Aidan O’Rourke
For A That Variation by Shona Mooney
Deil Amang the Fiddlers by Simon Thoumire

I wrote a blog on what my piece, “Disassembled” is all about here

First tune in this Set by Fara is “Where’s Neil” which I wrote for our good pal, Neil Ewart

I was commissioned to write this piece celebrating the Scientist, James Clerk Maxwell for the CD ‘Music for Maxwell’. I really enjoyed learning more about the man himself and his accomplishments. I was asked to explore the abstract territory that Maxwell worked in – the territory of darkness and light and of abstract form.

‘Taintless Tide’  – A piece I wrote for Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet and piano, which we performed at the Distil showcase 2014. Film by Mike Guest. I wrote a blog about it here.

‘Airing’ for McFall’s Chamber Quintet and piano. Performed at the March Distil Showcase 2013.


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