A beautiful film – Silence of our Alpine

Beautifully shot film by Ross Mackay from Stash Media. It is shot around the mountain Treble Cone Ski Area in New Zealand. I was delighted when he asked if he could used my piece, ‘Maxwell’s Light’. The film has been skill-fully edited so that it mirrors the music really closely.

Maxwell’s Light was originally commissioned by Orkney Science Festival in celebration of the scientist, James Clerk Maxwell and is featured on their Album, “Music for Maxwell“.

I really enjoyed learning more about Maxwell and his accomplishments. I was asked to explore the abstract territory that Maxwell worked in – the territory of darkness and light and of abstract form.




Leap for a Laugh – Paragon music

Paragon are making funny videos to raise the profile and raise money so they can continue delivering music/dance workshops

Paragon are an inclusive music company inspiring people to create and perform their own music. Raising people’s self belief and aspirations through music making and dance.

For this video, I asked my friends (Mike, Kenny, Ninian and Diljeet) to send me a video of themselves playing any note(s)/ noise in the key of C. Nobody heard what anybody else did and this was the result when put together! I hope you like!

If anyone would you like to donate – you can here https://www.justgiving.com/Jennifer-Austin4

Strathspey and Surreal live Video from Celtic Connections

21 brilliant fiddlers perform 4 brand new pieces of music at Celtic Connections, conducted by Dave Milligan. Here is the LIVE video of the performance during January 2016. Hope you enjoy the video! The pieces are:

Disassembled by Jenn Austin
100 Days by Aidan O’Rourke
For A That Variation by Shona Mooney
Deil Amang the Fiddlers by Simon Thoumire

I wrote a blog on what my piece, “Disassembled” is all about here

The “Disassembled” whole score can be downloaded below (the piece is in 4 parts)

  1. Dramtime and The Swell in Ardtoe
  2. Disassembled
  3. Little Auk for Mum
  4. Lulu and the Girls of Rumster and Freckles

Little Auk for Mum

One of six tunes from my ‘Disassembled’ piece written for the Strathspey and Surreal, performed at Celtic Connections 2016.

The sheet music is available here Little Auk for Mum

I wrote a blog about what all the tunes were about here – jenniferaustin.co.uk/2016/01/20/str…and-surreal-2/


The fiddlers!

The composers were (right to Left) Shona Mooney, Aidan O’Rourke, Simon Thoumire and myself. You can hear Simon’s piece here. The other pieces will be available soon too 🙂


The composers

photos by Louis DeCarlo


Strathspey and Surreal – Sat 23rd 1pm, concert hall


I’ve really enjoyed writing the music over the Christmas period. The piece is made up of 6 tunes (which sorted a few of my christmas presents). It opens with a tune called Dramtime, written for my Dad. Dramtime is 1pm, Granny Pam comes over and any family members kicking about join for a dram.

One of the ideas I had was to transfer a vamping piano accompaniment onto the fiddles. I recorded the parts into my laptop and from there jammed ideas until the tune came about.

What follows is a tune called “The Swell in Ardtoe”. The room in which dramtime happens looks over the water. It is normally flat calm, but a rare swell created perfect waves for surfing. My boyfriend, Mike Guest was straight out and in the water to surf and we all sat with our drams in the warmth watching excitedly…in the warmth.

Another idea was to take any other sounds of a typical Strathspey and reel, such as fiddle tuning, yapping, squeaking and build a piece from them. This tune is called disassembled. I promise it’s not that bad.

svalbard_0612_7798_700px1After I’d written a few reels I thought it was a good idea to not write another. This is a Waltz, I wrote for Mum. I called it Little Auk for Mum, as she’d been really hoping to see one of these little birds and the day I was due to print out the tunes, She saw one.

I decided to try writing a Strathspey, So I wrote one in E and called it Lulu and the Girls of Rumster. One dramtime, Granny Pam was telling us about the cows she had on Rumster farm. She was very fond of them and had names for them all, Lulu, Primrose, Rosemary, Mirabel – were a few.

It finishes with a reel in E, since after a strathspey its all ya want. So ended up writing another reel, I named it Freckles. Because it sounds happy and Mike Guest is a happy chappy.


We had our first rehearsal last week, and it was a great laugh. ShonaSimon and Aidan‘s and pieces are brilliant and all quite different so I think its going to be an entertaining afternoon! looking forward to saturday now!

The fiddlers are Shona Mooney, Mhairi Mackinnon, Laura Wilkie, Patsy Reid, Lori Watson, Kristen Harvey, Lauren MacColl, Chris Stout, Aidan O’Rourke, Catriona Price, Adam Sutherland, Innes Watson, Ross Couper, Jenna Reid and Rua MacMillan.

They also have six Students from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. They are Ryan Young, Sally Simpson, Robbie MacKenzie, Bernadette Kellerman, Madeleine Stewart and Graham Rorie.

They’ll be conducted by Dave Milligan.

The four pieces are: (performance order)

  1. Disassembled (Jenn Austin)
  2. 100 Days (Aidan O’Rourke)
  3. For A That Variation (Shona Mooney)
  4. Deil Amang the Fiddlers (Simon Thoumire)

The concert is being videoed and recorded and will be made available on YouTube in due course.

Tickets are available here for the gig –  Sat, 1pm in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Main Auditorium


Strathspey and Surreal

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 14.51.33Currently working on music for “Strathspey and Surreal” a project thought up by Simon Thoumire and Aidan O’Rourke. New music written by Aidan, Simon, Shona Mooney and myself will be performed by 21 amazing fiddlers! on the 23rd of January at Celtic Connections – more info here

fiddlers are – Adam Sutherland, Innes Watson, Ross Couper, Jenna Reid, Rua Macmillan, Patsy Reid, Lori Watson, Kristan Harvey, Megan Henderson, Chris Stout, Jack Smedley, Mhairi Mackinnon and Laura Wilkie, plus top fiddle students Ryan Young, Sally Simpson, Robbie MacKenzie, Bernadette Kellermann, Madeleine Stewart and Graham Rorie.


Wildings Album OUT NOW

Featuring very special guests James Lindsay (double bass), Phil Hague (percussion) and Marissa Waite (bodhran). We couldn’t have done it without the patience and hard work of Angus Lyon at Grans House, Duncan Lyall at Red Deer Studio, Derek O’Neill at Chem19 Recording Studio and Iain Hutchison at GloWormRecording.

Photography and design by Mike Guest Photography & Craig Robertson. Enjoy!

Jennifer, Sarah & Fiona x

Take a look at our shiny new website too designed by the wonderful Rubén Madila and his team at Ollieford&co 

SQUARE STREET COTTAGE : O’Dea’s (trad) / Baltic Square Jig (Julian Sutton) / Nicholas Street (Diarmaid Moynihan) / The Apsley Cottage (Colin Farrell)

GHOST/SCHOTTIS : Ghost Orange (Sarah Hayes) / Kvarnbergschottis (Niklas Roswall)


THE BELLANY SUITE : The Boat Builders (Fiona MacAskill) / Allegory (Jennifer Austin) / The Box Meeting (Sarah Hayes) / The Burden (Fiona MacAskill) / The Eyemouth Disaster (Sarah Hayes) / Dieppe (Jennifer Austin)


SKYE SET : The Battle Of Braes (Trad) / An Lasair Beo (Blair Douglas) / Skye Barbecue (Alasdair Fraser)

WILLIE’S WALTZ (Jennifer Austin, bridge Sarah Hayes)

All music arranged by Wildings

Guest musicians:
James Lindsay (double bass)
Phil Hague (percussion)
Marissa Waite (bodhran)

Photography by Mike Guest
Album cover design by Craig Robertson & Mike Guest

Engineered by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House
Percussion engineered by Derek O’Neill at Chem19
Mixed by Duncan Lyall at Red Deer Studio
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at Glo-Worm Studio