Jennifer Austin is a musician and artist from Orkney. She graduated from Strathclyde University’s BA Applied Music with First Class Honours and now gigs with Singer/songwriter ‘Rachel Sermanni‘, folk trio, ‘Wildings‘ and Orkney band, Fara.

Wildings are part of Live Music Now, a charity based organisation that brings live music to those who would rarely have the opportunity to experience it. Jennifer will be going to Mumbai, India for 3 months in January to undertake LMN’s music residency.

Jennifer has a love for composing and has composed 3 pieces for Researcher/Film maker ‘David Gray‘. She wrote for and performed her first piece, ‘Airing‘ with the Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet at the Distil Showcase 2013. In 2014 she completed her second piece called Taintless Tide for Mr Mcfall’s Chamber quintet, piano and percussion and performed it at Distil 2014. By writing 2 more pieces, she plans to complete a suite of 4 pieces based on the elements.

Jennifer teaches regularly at Paragon music and delivers music workshops as part of Live Music Now. Jennifer has also taught at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Feis Spe.


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