Mumbai Blog 9 – Dharavi art room concert, Badmaash in a Rickshaw, one more week.

Dharavi Art Room music wallahs shone in their performance this saturday. We had trained hard…


sweated….stuck to a strict regime.


The kids came up with their plan of action – what songs to sing, actions to do, what to say. The kids choo choo’ed their way up to the stage singing the welcome train is coming! then into you are my sunshine, a couple of the kids played it on the keyboard. Then they sang baby shark, (which – in the middle of – one of the kids stopped and told their friend to sing more softly because they were yelling) then ah wumba way and finishing with Herman the Worm song. In class we were using my piano sack as a worm costume…. obviously. So we did this in the concert too. I love these kids.


Earlier this week I heard the best excuse to leave class – “I need to go and get my snails from my friend because he is leaving now”. Here he is, on returning with his snails safely in….a plastic bag.


With the concert confirmed only a week before it happened, not much advertisement could be done so we had a slight audience turning up issue. But our good friends who did turn up helped us shepherd in a few more folk and before we knew it, the room looked pretty full.

Badmaash in Bombay episode 5 – Rickshaw! This was a lot of fun. Our friend Amogh helped us film from another Rickshaw. We made a small circuit in Bandra and drove round and round with the 2 rickshaws….amogh’s rickshaw swerving loops round ours.


At gateway this week, Rimi and I have been thinking up musical parts for the kids to play to accompany their play, Romeo and Juliet.


here’s a turtle and a duck.


here’s a parrot


Welcome to the office. We are very busy.

It’s not sunk in yet, I have one week left of teaching and spending time with the kids. but I have thought carefully about one thing. There will be cake. let there be cake.


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