Mumbai Blog 6 – boogie nights, standing on glass and pictures of people carrying things.

Just sitting in the living room, currently getting the mickey taking out of me for wearing socks. It’s totally boiling…but I went to a disco and stepped on glass so I’m trying to keep the cut clean. It was a decent bloody mess but stopped bleeding quickly. The Nicest girls in the bathroom gathered round and one said I’m a nurse, stopped the blood and gave me plasters. They said I should get an injection….(I immediately started imagining a huge needle in the bum and got nervous)

Back at my friend’s, they poured old spice aftershave on it – seemingly this is good for it. Went to the doctor the next morning just to check. Doc basically laughed and said its fine. But offered me an X-ray to double check for glass. Decided to give the X-ray a miss this time.


Above is the kids from Dharavi Art room having a shot of the keyboard. They are fast learners! …..the 3 at a time rule wasn’t quite working…but I think the world needs more up-side-down keyboard players anyway.

At one of Muktangan’s schools, I meet with the music teachers from their 7 different schools once a week and we go over different ideas for their music classes. We tried out lots of ‘energisers’ (little songs with actions) There’s tons of them on youtube It’s really amusing doing them all with grown ups!


Went to see a gig – ‘FKJ’, a DJ from Paris. He plays keyboard and guitar along to jazzy funky beats. It was cool. Totally packed. Had a boogie.


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