Mumbai Blog 5 – Badmaash on the train, Carol’s here, Paragon are here and the baby shark song.

This week we took Badmaash to the train….

Aashansh were playing keyboard and singing the Baby Shark song…AGAIN…and just being general cool dudes.

Dharavi Art Room are gearing up for our concert at end of march. Just need to find a venue…here’s a little snippet of baby shark.

Carol has been visiting this week….!


St Judes session – We sang some songs and play games with the centre’s percussion instruments and ukuleles.


Had loads of fun hanging out with Paragon this week and joining them for a couple of their sessions and concert. They have been working with the ADAPT centre. (Abled, Disabled, All People Together). The kids were amazing – percussionists, dancers and rappers! led by Ninian, Tom, Charlotte, Diljeet and Colin – what a team.

and more badmaash…..has been taking place…mohahaha. Video coming soon….

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 15.20.46


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