Mumbai Blog 4 – one month done – what.

This week I had my first piano lesson with Mahesh who works for Mewsic. He is a music teacher in Dharavi Slum and is from there himself. Wow what a guy. He came with a whole list of everything he wanted to learn and said his aim is to become a great teacher.

I had fun at Aashansh trying to speak Hindi, while the kids practiced their English. We were practicing the days of the week using a…. days of the week song. We’d sing it in English then in Hindi. Kids thought it was funny I was trying to speak Hindi (but were really encouraging! ) and I think it helped them understand the english – it was a laugh anyway.

This week Laura Grime and I collaborated with Indian Violinist Sunita and percussion player Ameya. We played a gig for Visit Scotland in the Taj Hotel, organised by Alan Tweedie. The event was highlighting all the places in Scotland which have been featured in Bollywood – quite a lot. Love a Castle so they do.

We played a mixture of Scottish tunes, Indian classical and Bollywood songs. There was a chef from Scotland who fed us oysters and smoked salmon and we got some Marmalade to take home. (and a handy map of Scotland.)

Introducing piano sack phototype 1 !

I went to visit a tailor, that Laura had recommended. Told him what I was after, with a little sketch via a man who could speak English. The Tailor told me how much material I needed (2 metres) and recommended a place to get it. I bought it, brought it back and the tailor told me to come back in a few hours. DONE. brilliant.

That night, I spewed all night long. Spend the whole of the next day and night sleeping. The following day, a bit more sleeping and then a rehearsal with Paragon from Scotland! so lovely to see familiar Tom Oakes and Diljeet faces! and meet Ninian and Charlotte from Paragon. We were practicing for a gig with Sunita and two other indian percussion players -who were incredible.

The Gig was at Bluefrog last night. In aid of the charity, ADAPT to raise awareness and to support equality for people with additional needs.

I had some whiskey to kill that last bugs that made me sick.

okay this week – lets gooooo


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