Caricature of Sean Forde

Sean Forde

Commissioned by Cathy Forde for Sean’s birthday – drawn from a photo


Taintless Tide

Thankyou Mike Guest for this video ! Thanks to Louise Bichan and Alan McMaster for their footage and to Elph for the extra cool Titles. 

The title comes from the poem “The Tide River ” by Charles Kingsley.

I wrote this piece for the Distil Showcase 2014

To help write it, I followed the shape of a river starting high up in the mountains, settling into a stream, rushing into rapids, slowing into a meander and finally meeting the ocean’s lapping tide. I sketched the river (below) to help me visualise and mould the music around this idea.

river sketch

River sketch


Signy Jakobsdottir

Queen of cool, Signy Jakobsdottir






Wildings Gig at The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Here are some lovely photos by Mike Guest of our Wildings Gig in The Scottish National Portrait Gallery last week-  A beautiful place to play! Live Music Now set up regular gigs with the portrait Gallery –  which are free to the public. Keep an eye open for up and coming Live Music Now events from the gallery here.

We are looking forward to finishing off our album next month at Grans House Studio along with some friends….James Lindsay on Double Bass and Marissa Waite on Bodhran