Water- Sketchbook idea of music and moving image

clips from my iphone and Mike Guest’s camera

featuring Rachel Sermanni’s vocal chords.



First visit to Americaaa

Started with a gig at Disney land with Rachel Sermanni, part of the food and wine Festival at Epcot Theme park. Went on my first Roller coaster.

It was followed by a visit to Boston to see good friends Emerald and Eden foreman and Jules and Matt metcalf. Eden snuck me in to her free improvisation class at Berklee college, it was great fun. We went to Salem and learnt about the Witch trials and paid money to walk through a pop up haunted house while people jumped out and gave us frights. I didn’t like it. But I got a photo with this monster. I can still feel his breath on my neck.


Emerald, Eden and I also visited a renaissance fair- A first for all of us.

had a morning dip in here….
Mike arrives…
After a really good tune in Emmet’s pub we jump on a bus to NYC to meet up with Rach to record 4 songs for the ‘Everything Changes’ EP.
Rach leaves. Mike and I finally go mad
Mike’s goes off to take photos of his friends wedding and I head home, via Boston home for an amazing feed from Jules and Matt.
what a trip