ROLI- Seaboard

I saw the Roli seaboard on the BBC news website. I thought it looked amazing and could do things no keyboard has done before. So I showed it to lots of people and got excited and that was great. Then I showed it to Mike Guest and with his good angled way of thinking says, why dont we just phoned them.

A few months later, Rachel and I were down applying for visas in London. London is where ROLI live too. Mike, the chummy fellow that he is, spoke with good man Daniel from Roli and arranged a date for us to go and have a squidge on the ROLI seaboard.

It is so Squidgy.

It is so touch sensitive that you can bend the note with a tiny sideway movement, with a heavier touch you can create swell and with a longer heavier touch you can bring in all sorts of other atmospheric noises, depending on what sound you are on or have programmed yourself. There is a long strip below the keyboard part which allows you to drag a note and glissando all the way up or down. You can slide like a Double Bass if you wish.

I reckon you could be alone with the ROLI for hours/years and only be touching the surface of what can be done with it. It seems totally organic and I’d love to get the seaboard alone to discover more and more of its ways. ohhh yeah.

The folk at Roli said no one person will play the seaboard in the same way. I think they are right.


photies by Mike Guest– here’s some more-