Dawson city, Yukon. Tour with Rachel Sermanni and Jimi Troup.











Passion for your art

A cool blog from Mike about the tour which happened last month with Rach and Ken Stringfellow. ( I meant to reblog this one but had reblogged another! the latter was still good though )

Mike Guest

I’m sitting in a break at a conference in Rome pushing buttons and twiddling knobs As look over some shots from last weekends musical adventure. Total polar opposites but the latter pays for the former and thats ok with me.  yin and yang , give and take for me its about balance or as near as i can get to it.

I feel like i fell out of the world of music but have recently been catapulted, Gladly i must add back in to the arms of it.

My Adventure started on Friday night in Glasgow meeting up with Musician, Composer, Artist & Piano player Jennifer Austin for Singer Song writer the immensely talented Rachel Sermanni. The ladies that week had ticked off 2 days recoding on the west cost of Scotland slipped in some gig’s in Kirkcaldy & Inverness. Joining them this week was Mr Ken Stringfellow.

Friday night…

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Who Inspires you ?

Mike Guest

For some unknown reason its 4am and i am wide awake, totally wired and my mind is at full speed, 6th gear and the turbo is jamed on, oh well best make use of it then

So what on my mind at 4am


Inspiration thats what. Some one came in to my mind, Who is this person his name is Jon Earle. I first met Jon what must be some 8 years ago i was woking as a freelance lighting tech in scotland sort of missing  something i had this urge to do a session but just could not settle on a place. After talking with Jon i made my mind up to travel to Nelson BC that winter and have rely never looked back . The picture he panted for me was just so vivid i had to go experience this place.

But it was not Jon’s travel advice that…

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