The Distil Showcase 2013

Mr McFall's Chamber and me

One of the nicest days ever. 9 composers, 9 new pieces, performed by the Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet. I wrote my piece for the Quintet and piano so I could play with them (muhaha) and look what I got to play on….

Here is the Programme note from my piece

Airing: to express an idea, an excursion in the open air or the act of supplying fresh air.
I like to think of this piece as a walk through a murky, gloomy forest and into a clearing. I Hope it gives you an airing too. Feel free to open your mouth and let out a yell. Get it out. Go on.

you can hear the piece below plus all the other composer’s pieces which I would definitely recommend listening to. get yourself a cup of tea and have a listen. you deserved it. a little sit down. maybe some whiskey….or wine, beer? an ice cold beer. mmmm beer. yes.

Thankyou David Francis and Simon Thoumire for the opportunity and of course to the wonderful Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet for being such nice folk and incredible musicians!

Did a sterling job in stirling learning everyone's pieces in just a few hours for each piece!

Mr McFall’s Chamber Quintet- good eggs


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